Our Mission

ARIZ is dedicated to overcoming cancer at the earliest possible stage when the disease is most easily eradicated.

Our goal is to destroy the driver of the cancer, usually a bad protein that is produced from bad DNA inside a previously normal cell, transforming it into a cancer cell. Drivers of cancer, such as the deregulated PRDM genes and proteins, were previously thought to be “undruggable” because of the high risk of damaging normal cells. ARIZ set out to prove that by using new genetic information, nanotechnology based drug delivery systems and Nobel prize winning gene and protein altering methodologies, cancer cells could be individually targeted and destroyed, without harming normal cells. ARIZ’s proof of principle studies confirmed that this approach selectively killed multiple types of cancer cells (breast, colon, lung, myeloma, etc.).

ARIZ is continuing to develop new drug candidates for cancer by proving that these products can destroy tumor cells in animal models of cancer. This will give ARIZ compelling data and associated intellectual property to share with pharmaceutical companies and enter into strategic partnerships with them to test our products in humans and market them to cancer doctors and institutions.

Through these efforts, ARIZ intends to cure cancers in a way that preserves a patient’s quality of life and avoids the harmful and adverse effects of current therapies.

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