ARIZ Precision Medicine Announces Promotion of Brad Niles, Ph.D. to CEO Position

September 19, 2020

DAVIS, California —September 21, 2020– ARIZ Precision Medicine (ARIZ) today announced the promotion of Brad Niles, Ph.D. to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position.  Brad has previously served as ARIZ COO and VP of Research and Development since 2016.  Former CEO Lonnie Bookbinder will continue with ARIZ as Board Chairman, and remain active in ARIZ’s efforts aimed towards curing disease with precision medicine. 

Brad received his Ph.D. from UC Davis in 2007, and since then has been working in cancer research and product development at UC Davis, Afingen, and most recently ARIZ.  He has led ARIZ’s scientific team, and is an inventor on many patent applications.  He has presented ARIZ’s progress at many investor and scientific conferences, most recently at the BIO International Digital Conference 2020, where ARIZ was awarded the “BUZZ of BIO”.  “With 15 years as a cell and molecular biologist, and several years leading the scientific efforts at ARIZ, Brad is ideally suited to lead the company’s next stage of growth”, said Lonnie Bookbinder.  I look forward to seeing him build the world’s leading team of experts and advisors focusing on PRDM biology and medicine.”

Brad added, “Lonnie and I have worked closely together to build ARIZ both as a company and with it’s drug development projects.  I congratulate him for his success in taking ARIZ from concept to funding, and look forward to continuing to work with him as we advance our drug pipeline in the years to come.”

About ARIZ’s PRDM Oncogene Targeting Platform™:

Positive Regulatory Domain-containing Methyltransferases (PRDMs) are transcription factors that regulate gene expression to control cell differentiation and proliferation.  They are considered “Master Regulators” of DNA that repress many common oncogenes to suppress tumorigenesis.  Disruption in PRDMs found in many cancer types, both in hematological and solid tumors.  Disruptions in epigenetic regulation (age, environment, viruses) lead to PRDM gene silencing or overexpression, or activation of truncated forms from alternative promoters.  ARIZ has a broad and deep platform based on validated PRDM targets for cancer.    For more about ARIZ see

For a recent review see: Multifaceted Role of PRDM Proteins in Human Cancer, Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2020, 21, 2648.

Contact: Brad Niles, ARIZ CEO


Source: ARIZ Precision Medicine