PRDM14 Overexpression & Proof of Principle: RNAi of PRDM14 in Breast Cancer

January 3, 2014

There are 16 PRDM proteins, many of which are known as master epigenetic regulators of cellular differentiation, especially in hematopoietic, epithelial and neural cells. The PRDMs are also known for driving the development of specialized cells, such as antibody secreting plasma cells and conferring survival, movement and rapid growth to these critical cells from the embryonic period to the adult and the old-aged periods in humans. PRDM proteins are among the most widely de-regulated proteins involved in the early transformation of normal cells to cancer cells. For this reason, drugs that modulate the PRDM proteins are potentially very valuable therapeutic agents. This is especially true, when therapy is supported by PRDM related diagnostic biomarkers for drug development guidance, patient selection, and to institute individualized medicine.

ARIZ BioPharma is an early stage drug development company with PRDM (protein modulation) drug studies planned in several blood and solid tumor types that kill millions of people annually. We believe that modulation of de-regulated PRDM Proteins can save lives, with fewer side effects and offer an improved quality of life to cancer patients. As an example of the normal and abnormal activities associated with the PRDM proteins, the following pages describe the development of a targeted drug delivery system to counteract the over-expression of PRDM14, a ‘proteo-ongenic-driver in breast cancer development, metastasis and cancer cell survival.

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